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Gracious Secondary School Student Bio: Frank’s Story

Gracious Secondary School began in 2000 at MCV. Gracious is a member of the Independent Schools Association of Malawi (ISAMA) and is registered with the Ministry of Education of Malawi. Aligning with its mission to serve orphans and other vulnerable children, MCV currently provides school tuition, lunch fees, and school materials for orphan students. The results from the school and the students have been nothing short of outstanding. Read more about the school here.

Our students at Gracious Secondary School  are hard working, intelligent, and grateful young adults. We are going to be profiling one of our wonderful students monthly in hopes to get to know them better. Each bio and picture was submitted by the students themselves for publication.

FRANK MAKWINJA: Form 3 (Grade 11)I was born in the village of Samama. I lost both my parent before I was ten years. Currently I live with my Grandmother in the village of Chimatiro. MCV has helped me by sponsoring me to do my education at Gracious Secondary School, and it also take care of my medicals.
MCV is important to the community because it provide health support to orphans and vulnerable children. It also helps in the promotion of food security through irrigational agriculture, and sponsoring the education of orphans.
I like Gracious secondary school because it has well trained teachers, enough learning materials. I aspire to be an electrician, and open up my own electrical installation company. In my free time, I like listening to music, playing video games, and hanging out with friends. -Frank