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Treasurer’s Report: Fiscal Year 2015

Missed the 2015 MCV Newsletter in the mail? Read it here on the blog. We’ll be sharing other articles from the newsletter on the blog in the coming weeks. Find more newsletter articles here.

A sincere thank you to our many supporters! You are keeping  hope and resiliency alive at Malawi Children’s Village with the 2,363 orphans served. This Malawian run organization could not survive without your support. As we used to say at Wittenberg University: “Having Light We Pass it on to Others”.  You are giving light by volunteering, sending encouraging letters and donating.

By your generous donations and continued support orphan houses have been built  as have teacher houses. Volunteers  have traveled to teach for a term at MCV Gracious Secondary School, desks were built, money for needed curriculum books was donated along with science supplies. We are now also able to provide education to more orphans and continue to keep malaria numbers in check with bed nets for children under five. The School-to-School program has assisted more primary schools in the villages. As mentioned, the heavy floods this spring ruined houses and devastated the maize crop. Your donations this year are helping MCV meet the immediate needs for food in the MCV catchment area.

If you are a new donor welcome! If sustaining, thank you again. 
Whatever and whenever you give is helpful to the orphans and other vulnerable children.

October 1, 2014 – September 30, 2015


Direct Public Grants            $28,204
Direct Public Support        $152,240
Endowment                                 $758    

Total Revenue     $181,202

Supporting Services

Business License                          $50
Bookkeeper                             $5,200
Tax Preparation                         $600
Bank Fees and Wire Costs     $1,120
Insurance                                 $1,408
Newsletter & Thank You’s    $3,489
PayPal Fees                                 $559
Website Fees                                 $25
PO Box Rental                           $342

Total Supporting Services       $12,793

Program Services

Grants                                      $51,500
Designated Funds                  $78,421
Orphan School Tuition         $21,350

Total Program Services          $151,271

Total Expenses                     $164,064

MCV Foundation has no paid staff and our board members pay all of their own expenses. As the activity statement above indicates, 92% of last year’s expenses were invested directly in programs and support in Malawi.