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Treasurer’s Report: Fiscal Year 2014

Missed the 2014 MCV Newsletter in the mail? Read it here on the blog. Below is our annual treasurer’s report. You can find other stories from the newsletter on our blog here or access the complete newsletter in PDF  form on our print media page

The past year has been a year of growth, but also one in trying to uphold the high standards of Malawi Children’s Village. Gracious Secondary School now has 460 students. Florence, our outreach village coordinator and AIDS Educator is away getting her certificate in social work. The School-to-School project has built two teacher’s houses at Mauni and another is projected to be completed in spring 2015. Teachers have received computer training and village volunteers – the back bone of the MCV program – were able to get new bicycles through a Rotary donation. We have had numerous volunteers who have taught, assisted in the villages, and worked on water projects. We thank them for having given their time and talent.

Without donations there would be no village house repairs, food, secondary school and university tuition, health care, bicycles for volunteers, or improved education to name just a few of the benefits MCV has been able to provide. We have donors who give both monthly and annually and we so appreciate your continued support.  If you are a new donor, welcome to Malawi Children’s Village. If you are sustaining again, thank you.

Whatever and whenever you give is helpful to the orphans and other vulnerable children!

October 1, 2013 – September 30, 2014


Direct Public Grants                 $8,650
Direct Public Support           $137,722
Endowment                                 $682
Stock Dividend                              $81

Total Revenue                             $147,135

Supporting Services

Business License                        $100
Bookkeeper                              $4,400
Tax Preparation                           $860
Bank Fees and Wire Costs          $794
PayPal Fees                                $495
Newsletter & Thank You’s        $3,213
Insurance                                  $1,341
PO Box Rental                             $342

Total Supporting Services              $11,545

Program Services

Grants                                     $48,000
Designated Funds                   $50,778
Orphan School Tuition            $15,200

Total Program Services                $113,978

Total Expenses                              $125,523

MCV Foundation has no paid staff and our board members pay all of their own expenses. As the activity statement above indicates, 91% of last year’s expenses were invested directly in programs and support in Malawi.