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The 2018 Newsletter is here!

In case you missed it, The 2018 newsletter is here and it is amazing!


Here is an excerpt: The Board President’s Address

Moni Achimwene (Hello, Friends), Malawi Children’s Village became a reality because its founders’ lives had been positively impacted by their experiences working as Peace Corps Volunteers with the welcoming and compassionate people in Malawi. Decades after their active service, they responded to the urgent need to care for the growing number of orphans with an action plan built within the context of the rich culture. The Malawian run, volunteer based core programs focus on partnering with the extended families that care for more than 3,000 orphans to provide for their basic health, social and educational needs.

Stability of these core programs, made possible by your financial support, has enabled many ancillary initiatives through the years that further address the needs of those MCV serves. These include the development of a program to assist those with physical challenges, the creation of Gracious Secondary (grades 9-12) School, college sponsorship, development of a skills based training program, building houses for some of the families who take orphans in, and partnering with organizations on a variety of humanitarian projects aligned with our mission. MCV has grown beyond the initial vision of its founders, while its focus remains the same. It is surprising to note that more than half of the funds sent to MCV this year were enhancements of non “core” programs, that are enhancing MCV’s impact. The stories shared in this newsletter provide a glimpse into the variety of ways we are serving vulnerable children and the communities that support them, in 39 villages along the shores of beautiful Lake Malawi.

The lives of thousands are positively impacted each year through MCV because a few dedicated people understood the overwhelming need and elected to take action. Their vision sustains and transforms lives today because you also elect to invest in the lives of those who need help, and above all else – creating hope for a brighter tomorrow. Together we are transforming lives and building brighter futures.

Zikomo (Thank you),

James Miller, Board President


To see more of the newsletter, follow this link:  2018 Newsletter

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