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Teacher Housing Project and Dedication

We are excited to announce that the first house for the Gracious teachers and their families is complete! For the past several years, a repeating request from MCV staff/directors was to add teacher housing. Housing would improve teacher’s commute, living situation, and hence work environment. It would also attract top quality teachers for our school positions. Please see the original article here.

‘This teacher housing project is dedicated in honor of Tom and Frances Vitaglione. Peace Corps volunteers in Malawi in the mid-1960s, Tom and Frances never lost their love of the people of Malawi and especially their love of the vulnerable children served by the Malawi Children’s Village. Tom and Frances were committed to making certain these children got the best education possible. Hiring and retaining the best teachers require that they have a comfortable place to live near the school, in MCV’s case- Gracious Secondary School. They believed deeply that outstanding teachers are the key for retaining and encouraging excellence in the classroom. And our MCV children deserve the best.
For many years the Vitagliones served on the American MCV Foundation Board, Tom as president, helping to raise funds to assist the program and giving their advice when asked by MCV’s Malawian project director. If it “takes a village to raise a child”, then it takes leadership like Tom and Frances Vitaglione to make this village available to those children most in need.’  -Don Gray, MCV Board member


Dedication Plaque above