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Student Success Story: Nathan Munthali

We love sharing success stories of our students. Nathan is just one example of how education can change lives. If you would like to learn more about helping support orphans/vulnerable children with their education, visit our donation page.

‘I am Nathan Justice Munthali, I was born on 17th January 1996, in Karonga district in the northern Malawi. I am the third born son in the family of three. I was born to Tiyenkhu Munthali and Rose Mhango. I am a Tumbuka by tribe and originates from the northern part of Malawi.

My father settled in Mangochi all the way from Karonga searching for greener pasture. My father did not have enough papers to secure a good job and this made my life to grow in miseries. In the year 2002 my father got involved in a fatal accident which claimed his life. I was a toddler and my granny is the one who took us.

At this moment life was sour living with the granny in the village in a small leaked glass thatched house without food mostly. Regardless of cumbersome scenarios, I worked hard at school so much such that I finished my primary school and got selected to one of the secondary school in our community though it wasn’t the best.

02 September, 2010 dug a hole in my heart, my granny answered Gods call. I felt  like the whole earth have fallen on me. The death of granny left me in the hands of dad’s elder brother to take care of me, I opened another chapter of my life with pain and agony, it was really had for me to stay with dad bro but I had nowhere to go rather than to adapt the environment.

Tuition fees become the hardest  mountain to climb. MCV learnt of my ordeal and got me registered among other orphans, I joined the institution as a sponsored student and worked very hard ,because of my ethical values, the school recognized me and choose me as a head prefect. In the year 2015 I sat for  M.S.C.E and  scooped 18 points.

In the year 2016, I was selected to one of the public universities-Natural resources colleges, where I got enrolled to pursue diploma in irrigation technology.  The hard working and a determination spirit still waxed in me such that I graduated at the college amongst the best of the class with credit in irrigation technology.’ -Nathan