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Special Needs Program Update-July 2021

The Special Needs Program at MCV has been able to continue during the Covid 19 Pandemic. More recently the Covid figures have been rising every day, having a third wave of infections within Malawi. The Cerebral Palsy (CP) clinic at MCV has been able to provide physiotherapy treatments every week, but they are running under strict conditions for safety, secondary to Covid. There is an average of 12 clients per week, so around 50 per month or around 600 physiotherapy visits per year. These numbers may reflect some children that come in several times per month, or weekly for intensive therapy sessions if needed, but what is good to reflect upon is that the Clinic is open and services are being provided to the children who are vulnerable with special needs!!
Equipment is still being made, but supplies are harder to come by at this time. Some pieces of equipment (walkers, standers) are being returned, as the children are advancing and not requiring the adapted equipment. The equipment is then cleaned up and passed on to another child.

Here is a story about Elizabeth, who is now 5 years old. She has a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. At 2 years of age, both of her parents died so she is being cared for by her grandmother, Linely Chiwaya. She couldn’t walk, so for the last 4 years she has been coming to the CP clinic at MCV. She is now able to walk without a walker, thanks to the effort of her grandmother, who never missed a scheduled physiotherapy session. The family also benefitted with a house which was built by MCV. They also receive supplement food (Likuni Phala) to improve the nutrition status of Elizabeth.

Elizabeth with her family.

Your donation for the Special Needs Program will go towards the following:
—$216.00 for a hand propelled wheelchair (3rd wheel out front) —$162.00 for a manual wheelchair
—$75.00 for a ramp to a school, home or business
—$34.00 for a wooden stander or chair for a child with Cerebral Palsy
—$27.00 for a walker —$27.00 for a school uniform to ensure that children with Special Needs attend school
—$1.00 for a mask

Thanks for considering helping out a child in Malawi who has special needs, allowing them to now attend school, move around by themselves to go visit friends or participate in family activities.