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Special Needs Program Update 2023

The Special Needs Program at MCV was started in 2008 by Mary Pomeroy, a pediatric physical therapist who is also an MCV board member. The program provides therapy and adaptive equipment to children in need and is village-based care which allows families and patients to avoid the burden of travel for care. The program also provides advocacy and education to reduce stigma and shame.

An adaptive device-wheelchair.

The Program has been very busy this last year! Here are some numbers

  • 362: Number of clinic visits
  • 196: Total number of clients
  • 85: Standing frames built
  • 54: Cerebral Palsy Chairs built
  • 34: Wheelchairs built
  • 20kg bags of maize to each family

MCV technical students build each of the adaptive devices.

Read the entire newsletter here. Learn more and donate directly here.

Another example of an adaptive device made to help children become mobile and participate in their worlds!