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Sewing Program Update

In 2001 I read that one reason that children in Malawi do not go to school…….. is because they do not have a shirt to wear…..The Sewing project at MCV was started in 2002. That summer we made shirts, skirts and shorts for the children, and Nettie’s Sewing Project was born. Annually, I would return for several months during my summer breaks from the University. The Sewing Project became a free training program for older teenagers, orphans and children who are vulnerable and under the care of Malawi Children’s Village. Over the years we started production of many different items for sale in order to create jobs for the experienced trainees to earn an income.‘ -Nettie

Above, Netti, Ayami (the project manager), and a class of students pose for a picture.

The Sewing Program at MCV is a huge success. For the last 20 YEARS, it has provided skills and the ability to obtain an income to trainees from disadvantaged backgrounds and low-income families. A lot of these students are orphans and vulnerable children from MCV. Please see Nettie’s full report here: 2023 Report.

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A student learning sewing skills.