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Seed of Hope

Our newsletter went out in the mail last week. Click here if you missed it-2019 Newsletter! Below is our MCV Board President’s opening statement.

‘Moni Achimwene (Hello, Friends),
The programs at MCV are like seeds planted by hopeful farmers all over the world. Each kernel contains great potential to produce multiple times its humble origin, when carefully planted and nurtured; yet no guarantee of a harvest exists. What is it that motivates the farmer to invest precious time and resources each year — Hope and past results?
A key to MCV’s success over the last 22 years is that it is run by Malawians, with international friends, and built on a model of volunteers chosen by each village’s chief. These volunteers are at the heart of MCV’s core mission-to serve the orphans and most vulnerable children, who are cared for by their extended families in 39 villages near Lake Malawi. The latest census reflects 3,399 children in 1,587 households, of which 670 were newly registered this year.
Through the years, a variety of ancillary programs have been implemented to provide a hand-up to these communities.
These include:
• Gracious Secondary School, a high school providing a quality education to more than 500 students, about a quarter of which are orphans
• Malaria prevention (bednets)
• HIV education
• Women’s Empowerment Program
• Sanitary Pad Project
• Solar projects
• Tree planting
• School-to-school relationships
• University sponsorship opportunities for orphans
• Irrigation and farming enhancement projects
• Special Needs Clinic, caring for 191 children now, and providing manual wheelchairs, walkers, chairs and standers.
• Technical training programs, teaching sewing, masonry and carpentry skills.
• Building and repairing homes for the most needy families.
• Famine and disaster relief during critical times, including the cyclone that hit Malawi hard this past year.
For many people in Malawi, hope is instilled by others. The articles within this year’s newsletter are the result of the seeds of hope that you, our donors, have sown. MCV is only possible through your kind actions.’
Zikomo (Thank you),
James Miller, Board President