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Relief For Tropical Cyclone Damage

Cyclone Ana made landfall on Malawi on 24th January, 2022.

It brought heavy rains and a strong storm. The heavy rains brought many floods in the southern districts of Malawi.

Over 50 homes in the MCV catchment area were damaged. Flooding and heavy rains easily collapsed the mud walls of houses and strong winds blew roofs off of several houses. These houses belong to caregivers and guardians of vulnerable children. We hope to rebuild these homes and to build them out of cement bricks to make them more permanent. It costs only a $1000 to build a full house out of cement and make it a lasting home for a family.

Thousands of hectares of crops were also damaged during the storms, livestock washed away, and infrastructure such as roads and bridges were damaged as well. MCV has and will continue to provide extra food security to those guardians and families who support MCV’s vulnerable children.

To donate, please visit our donation website here.

An MCV guardian of vulnerable children standing in front of their home after the flooding/rains.