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New Dining Pavilion at MCV

Can you imagine not having a place to sit at work or school during a break or at lunch!!?  Recently, this was the number one request from MCV staff and students! We made this happen with the help of your donations! Below see pictures of the new dining pavilion to go along with the new dining facilities.



Look at this packed dining hall!

A Special Thanks from Felix, the MCV director: 

‘Let me appreciate the recent project of the eating / dining hall.  Gracious has lacked such a hall since its birth. Your support has come at the right time in a way that it will assist us to enjoy as well as realize the benefits we have been missing. This hall will improve school hygiene greatly. This in turn will improve performance of students. Arguably because students who eat healthy foods in a good environment will remain healthy hence concentrate more during classes and more likely to remember what has been taught.’  -Felix