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Mdala’s Story: A Sewing Project Graduate’s Story of Survival

Please read the heart touching story about a strong, miraculous Sewing Project Graduate.

‘Mdala was one of our new trainees in the sewing project in 2014, but he was dismissed several months later. He was not ready to become a tailor – too young. In May 2015, Ayami (manager of the sewing project), saw Mdala working with cement and ‘looking desperate’ doing heavy work without protective clothing or shoes.  Mdala was invited back to the Sewing Project and he said yes enthusiastically. By the end of 2017, Mdala was one of the best tailors and a beautiful young man. He got a passport and went to South Africa to work to support his family.
Just before New Year 2018, he was hit by a car in a hit and run as he was waiting by the side of the road for a bus. He was transported to Zomba, a large hospital 3 hours away. He was badly injured, internal bleeding and both bones in the lower leg had open fractures that were infected. Miraculously he made it. He stayed at the Zomba hospital for almost 6 months. Ayami was a pivotal key of his care. He visited Mdala regularly to make sure he got medication/care/funds as needed. Ayami arranged that the daily needs of the family were also taken care of. Mdala’s fellow tailors at the Sewing Program took care of Mdala’s family maize garden.

After 7months, Mdala went back to the hospital for checkup and it was clear his bones were not healing properly. He has since been at the international hospital in Blantyre, supported by the Sewing Program. He has had several operations, with the last in December 2018 with ongoing weekly visits to the clinic. His care is ongoing.

-Nettie, Sewing Program Director


We are hopeful for a full recovery for this strong young man. To learn more about the sewing program, see the yearly reports here: