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MCV Student Success-Ellen’s Story

Ellen Enock was born on September 4th, 2006, and her birth brought great joy to her parents,
Hawa Paul and Enock Suleiman. However, they soon discovered that Ellen was born with a
disability and was epileptic.

Despite her challenges, Ellen possessed an indomitable spirit.

She was determined to live her life to the fullest and pursue her dreams. She attended Lisumbwi Secondary School, where she was in her second year of studies. Her schoolmates admired her resilience and her positive outlook on life but her family struggled to continue to support her in her studies.

Hawa and Ellen learned that the MCV organization would provide support for Ellen’s education. Recognizing her determination and potential, MCV pledged to assist with school fees, necessary supplies, and any additional resources that Ellen might require to succeed academically.

As Ellen grew older, she aspired to become a doctor, driven by her experiences and the desire to
help others facing similar struggles.

She hoped to create a world where no child would be limited
by their disabilities and where support and care were readily available to all.

Ellen Enock’s story continues to inspire and uplift others, reminding everyone that with love,
support, and determination, individuals can overcome any obstacle and achieve greatness. To learn more about students supported by MCV and/or to donate, please visit our website. -Vincent Sisya, MCV Deputy Director