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Good and Bad Things About Gracious – Student composition

Below is a short composition by one of Gracious Secondary School’s All-Star composition groups:

Gracious Private Secondary School is one of the most popular private schools in Malawi. The school is located to the south of Lake Malawi in a district called Mangochi. The school consists of many students both male and female from various districts in Malawi. It should be known that the school has both good things and bad things about it.

To begin with, Gracious provides a conducive learning environment. It is located on the lake shore which brings fresh air. It is a very quiet place free from disturbances like pubs which can bring a lot of noise and attract the attention of students. Furthermore the school has good infrastructures compared to other schools in Malawi. The buildings are well roofed and ventilated, and surrounded by lawns, fish ponds, trees and flowers which beautify the campus. The school also has good teaching facilities, and well equipped laboratories for physical science, biology, and computers. As a result, many students are able to pass their examinations with flying colours because of the good facilities.

Apart from the good things about Gracious, there are also some bad things. One of the bad things is that it has inadequate equipment for entertainment. There is not much for the students to do when they are not studying. Although this is true, the students at the school do not consider this to be a really big problem because they are always busy with their education. They know that time is money.

Entertainment aside, the school has good, professional teachers who are very knowledgeable, skilled, and friendly. They are professionals in terms of the way they dress, teach, handle issues concerning students, and also the way they communicate with students. These skilled teachers know their roles as educators. This seen in the way the students look at them as their parents, judges, role models, and advisors. The students really appreciate the knowledge that teachers impart to them.

While the teachers are good, Gracious School has another academic issue that is not so good. Out of nineteen teachers at the school, only two are women. The female teachers play a big role in the way that they act as role models to the girls. However, since there are few of them the female students lack good role models of women in education.
In conclusion, the points listed above are some of the good and bad things about Gracious Private Secondary School. As they say, every rose has its thorns. Although the school has some bad things about it, students really like it because it helps them to perform well.