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Devastating Floods in Malawi

Social scientists have long noted that people with few resources tend to be more generous than those with greater wealth. There is perhaps no better example of this than the villages served by MCV. In these 39 villages, an amazing 1500 families, all of them living on the edge, have agreed to take in more than 3000 orphans! While MCV provides them some assistance in this regard, many of these families now are in desperate need of survival assistance.
You may have heard of the recent cyclone that wreaked havoc across Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe. While the MCV area was spared from total devastation, many of the “orphan households” were severely affected. Over 130 homes have been destroyed and another 35 have had significant damage. There is an immediate need for assistance with food and temporary shelter and longer-term need to support the reconstruction and restoration of their homes.
These needs are well beyond the response capabilities of MCV and the Malawian government. We are thus making this special appeal to provide assistance to the families who have given so generously of their meager resources to provide orphans of MCV an opportunity for a healthy and productive life.

A strategy is being finalized for the repair and replacement of the needed homes. Unfortunately most repairs/building will need to wait until May due to weather conditions impacting the availability of bricks. It will take a large monetary amount that is yet to be determined.

Your help is greatly needed. You can donate by going to our donation page at:


As updates become available, we will post them on the MCV blog site.

Zikomo (thank you)

-Tom Nighswander and Tom Vitaglione