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Cyclone Freddy-Dispatch #3

Dispatch #3 from board members, Tom and Ruth Nighswander, who arrived in Malawi last week.

‘The day after Cyclone Freddy hit Malawi, the USA Board of Directors wired over $10000 for disaster relief. Before the winds died down, the MCV staff, led by Felix, were already making plans, realizing the impact of what was happening.  By the time we arrived they already had purchased and had on hand 200 blankets, compressed bundles of children’s clothes age 0-14, cooking utensils, water buckets, and plastic sheeting for roof repairs.  185bags of ufa (corn flour) arrived shortly after from Zambia. Each bag is 25 kilograms.

Distribution will begin this week. Given the needs of the entire village, it would be impossible to take a truckload of supplies to a village to only hand out to MCV households.  The Village Volunteers will come to MCV to help distribute materials to those who had been identified during the village devastation assessment. The director and deputy director feel this is enough resources for the immediate emergency needs.

What comes next? If endorsed by both Boards, MCV wants to buy 1000 fifty kilo bags of maize in April for storage for the impending food shortages expecting to begin in August. The April purchase time is the optimal time for this purchase because of the increased availability.  The housing replacement plan being proposed is for MCV and its contractors to build 6 houses a month for as long the materials and finances are available.  

Its is a busy time folks.  We are usually in bed by 7:30 and have the first visitors on the front porch by 6am.’

Maize Flour