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Celebrating the Legacy of Jerry Turner

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Jerry Turner (right) at MCV

In late September we received the sad news that Jerry Turner had passed away. Jerry is still known in Malawi for the seminal work he did more than 30 years ago on the conservation of Lake Malawi and its fish populations. In his retirement he dedicated himself to helping with the irrigation and food sustainability component of MCV. The current 25 irrigation schemes in the MCV catchment area were built on his shoulders and are testimony to his hard work and perseverance.

His generosity and affability made being with Jerry good for one’s soul. His last gift to MCV is his mtsikulu (granddaughter) Madeline (below), who joined the MCV-USA Board this fall.

Madeline Turner, the newest member of the MCV USA Board

Madeline Turner joined the MCV board this fall. She first visited MCV with her grandparents in 2006 and again as a medical volunteer in 2012. Born and raised in Montana, she completed a Bachelor’s degree at Montana State University before completing medical school at the University of Washington. Madeline is a family medicine physician in Seattle. She holds a special interest in women’s health and medical education. She teaches both residents at the Swedish Family Medicine Residency and medical students through the University of Washington.