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A Message of Thanks

As always we’re thankful for many things here at MCV.  This Thanksgiving we’re thankful as always to our many donors that make the work of the MCV Malawi staff and volunteers possible.  In particular today we’d like to thank the recently wedded couple, Madeline Turner and Calvin Schlepp who generously asked their wedding guests to donate to MCV in lieu of gifts. Their generosity has resulted in 65 donations for a total of over $5,300 to date. Thank you so much to Madeline, Calvin, and their generous family and friends! A short note and from the happy couple is included below.

Photo by Carlie Breen Photography

In lieu of gifts, Calvin and I decided to ask our wedding guests to donate to Malawi Children’s Village.  Initially, we were nervous that people would forgo the extra steps it took to donate and just give us the usual blender, but we were amazed at the huge amount of support and generosity from our family and friends.

Malawi and MCV hold a special place in our hearts, so it was easy to select this as our wedding charity.  We have seen previous donations put to use in effective and sustainable practices so knew the money would be in good hands. Plus, it was fun and interesting for our guests to go to the MCV website and see exactly where their money was going.

Thanks for all that you do, MCV.

Madeline and Calvin