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2023 Newsletter

Our 2023 newsletter has been delivered! It is a wonderful synopsis of what MCV has been able to accomplish in the last year. You can view an online version here: 2023 Newsletter.

Here is an excerpt: the President’s Address written by our MCV Board President-James Miller.

‘Resiliency is something that people aspire to describe the way they approach life, although the hope is that it is in relation to relatively minor challenges.  Malawians are generally subsistence farmers with meager means and have endured recurring hardships that would break most people’s spirit.  Yet, when you visit Malawi, you will find kindhearted, welcoming, and hospitable people whose mentality is to appreciate the joys of life that are present as you look for them.  They are resilient.

Over the past year, the 39 villages that Malawi Children’s Village serves have faced more extreme hardships than usual, including a cholera outbreak and Cyclone Freddy.  The cyclone devastated traditional mud brick houses, and washed away household materials, crops and roads.  MCV was able to quickly provide emergency support to the families it supports who are raising orphans and the most vulnerable children.  While the immediate needs were met, housing and food security needs remain.

MCV was founded on the belief that when kind people contribute their knowledge and invest their financial resources, through culturally accepted structures, the impact will be transformative.  This has proven to remain true, 25 years later, thanks to the devotion of you, our donors, and to the strength of the MCV leadership, which is entirely comprised of Malawians.  

Under the direction of Felix Chirombo, MCV’s Executive Director, the dedicated staff remain focused on programs that provide help with basic needs, and opportunities to build skills to create a better life.  Education is at the heart of most of MCV’s programs, both for those parenting the children in their lives, as well as for students all the way through high school and technical training programs.

The aggregate support from our donors makes the programs covered by the articles in this annual newsletter possible.  While the impact is often hard to quantify, imagine the opportunities and hope made possible for someone whose life circumstances are incredibly challenging and require resiliency.’ Zikomo, James Miller, MCV Board President.

If you did not receive our mailing, please see the online version here: 2023 Newsletter You can also sign up to get future emails by subscribing on our website.