Supportive Services

The Supportive Services programs at Malawi Children’s Village include the original projects that have made MCV a success since day one.   As the title of these programs suggest, they are designed to support the orphans and their caregivers, to ensure that orphans basic needs are met.

These programs not only help ensure that Mangochi’s orphans are getting the care that they need, they act as an incentive to heads of households, encouraging them to take in an orphaned member of their extended family.  These incentives have worked, and more families have begun to care for orphans.  One of MCV’s proudest achievements is that the number of orphans per household has dramatically reduced since the start of the program.  (Read about this reduction on our results page, here.)

The backbone of these services has always been the village volunteer program.  Two Malawian volunteers work in each of the 37 villages, acting as MCV’s eyes and ears. They are tasked with identifying the orphans and vulnerable children in their village, making sure they are in a caring family and determine what type of assistance the orphaned child and the family needs.

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