About us

Our Mission:

Malawi Children’s Village provides a continuum of services for the immediate needs and the future opportunities of orphans and other vulnerable children, their families and villages of Mangochi, MW, focusing on current and emerging concerns including but not limited to: HIV/AIDS and malaria care and prevention, food security and educational attainment.

Who We Are:

In the spirit of the Peace Corps, MCV is administered and run by Malawians with the help of international friends. MCV is a Malawian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) overseen by a local board of directors and administered by a Malawian staff. In addition to the staff, a team of Malawian Village Volunteers helps to monitor the orphans in the villages. Financial support and oversight is provided by MCV Foundation Inc. a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization run solely by a board of directors, working on a completely volunteer basis.  MCV Foundation Inc. board members also visit the project to provide assistance and advice on the day to day operations.

What We Do:

Malawi Children’s Village is not an orphanage. It is a village based orphan care project. MCV relies on the traditional African extended family to care for Mangochi, Malawi’s orphans and vulnerable children. By providing a variety of programs that help orphans and their households have access to shelter, food, safety, health care, and education MCV has successfully encouraged more villagers to take in orphans, decreasing the number of orphans per household. View our programs section to learn more about the variety of ways that MCV cares for Mangochi, Malawi’s orphans and vulnerable children.

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