Village Volunteer Program

When MCV first started, the founders of MCV were told that a village volunteer program would not work. The concept of local village volunteers in Sub Sahara Africa was a foreign concept. Now over 10 years later, that notion has been proven wrong. Some of the earliest village volunteers are still serving their villages.

They are volunteers, two from each village: From MCV they receive a bicycle, annual bicycle tire tubes, a blue MCV logo shirt, and a small stipend each month for soap powder to keep their shirt clean. Additionally they receive scheduled training, ideally once a month, covering topics such as HIV/AID education, child growth and development, recognition of childhood illness, nutrition, home based care of those with HIV/AIDS.

Their work is to identify and keep track of all the orphans and vulnerable children in their village, encouraging the families to make sure the kids go to school or if not, why not. They make sure that their basics needs like food and clothes are provided for (one of the identified reason for non school attendance is the lack of adequate clothing). Identifying what assistance these families need from MCV so that they can better care of these children. These needs might include housing repair or building new village homes which MCV has done depending on the resources available.

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