Vocational School

Early in the history of MCV, the need for vocational training for orphans became obvious. Very few students who graduate from secondary school have the opportunity to go on to university or other post secondary school training programs. However to develop economic stability, even if they continue to live in the village, they need a practical skill. On this basis the vocational training school was developed. It has been a successful addition to MCV.

Useful and practical training programs were developed and a vocational school building was built. The selected programs include auto/diesel mechanics, carpentry, brick laying (construction), and tailoring. The vocational school has been certified by the government, and now both paying students and sponsored orphans attend.  Many of the orphans and other vulnerable children come from outside of Mangochi, and are sponsored by organizations other than MCV.

The carpentry and sewing programs have been successful in generating income for MCV by selling the products they produce.  The MCV vocational school hopes to eventually reach financial sustainability by combining these incomes and the income generated through school fees.

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