Since the program’s inception, Malawi Children’s Village has worked to ensure that the orphans and vulnerable children of Manghochi, Malawi have access to educational opportunities.  Over the last 13 years, these efforts have expanded considerably.  MCV’s educational programs improve the primary, secondary, and post-secondary educational opportunities not only for the orphans and vulnerable children of the district but for all willing to learn in the community.


Government run primary schools are free in Malawi, but woefully underfunded.  Student to teacher ratios are often as high as 100 to 1, and many classes are taught outside due to a lack of adequate classroom space.   Through MCV’s School to School program primary schools in the United States have raised money for construction and materials at six Mangochi primary schools.


Almost all secondary schools require families to pay tuition in Malawi.  This is far beyond the means of most families, and especially difficult for orphans and their caregivers.  For several years, MCV sponsored the orphans and vulnerable children of Mangochi that successfully finished standard 8, by paying for their tuition at a variety of Malawian secondary schools.  Unsatisfied with the education that was available in these local secondary schools, MCV established it’s own secondary school in 2006.  MCV’s Gracious Secondary School now educates over 400 students per year in Forms 1-4 (US grades 9-12).  The student body is made up of both paying students from the community, and orphans and vulnerable children who receive a free education through MCV sponsorship.


As in the United States, in Malawi, having a high school diploma is often not enough to earn a decent living.  MCV supports orphans and vulnerable children beyond secondary school through a post-secondary scholarships program and MCV’s Vocational School.  Vocational School programs such as carpentry and sewing sell their products to help MCV on it’s path to long term sustainability.

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