All children have basic needs. In the developed world they are often taken for granted. This is not true in Malawi. It can be the difference between life and death; or at the less extreme, success in life.

What are they? They include enough food to eat; a dry roof to sleep under; clothes to wear; a place to go to school; help when you get sick….pretty basic.

Malawi Children’s Village (MCV) attempts to address all these issues. MCV has a physical location with offices, schools, a clinic, experimental gardens and fish ponds, as well as many village based services.

The programs of MCV exist not only to care for Mangochi district’s HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children but also to improve the welfare of the community as a whole.  This is done with a belief that the stronger the village, the better care and nurturing the orphans will receive, and fewer parents will be infected with HIV.

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